Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is a part of computer science that is focused on developing such machines or systems which could solve the problems that may otherwise require human intelligence. Artificial intelligence combines the features of computer science, physiology and philosophy. The idea is to make a machine artificially intelligent by incorporating such programs and equipment’s that are capable of taking decisions on their own in case of problems in a particular domain for which the system is made. Researcher are creating such systems that can imitate the thoughts of human, recognize human speech and interact with them, question and answering systems, moving the chess moves according to the move of the human opponent. Expert Systems employs the use of artificial intelligence. MYCIN and DENDRAL were one of the earliest expert systems designed for chemical analysis and medical diagnosis respectively.

Artificial Intelligence is made up of two words:


It means something that is not natural but is made by human skills or produced by the humans. It implies creating a copy or imitation of human. Though we can make a machine artificially similar to human but it lacks spontaneity and naturalness.

It implies injecting intelligence into a machine so that it can perform the work which would otherwise require human brain. The device should be able to take its own decision according to a particular situation. For example, the game chess on a computer is artificially intelligent. The computer plays its moves according to the moves of the opponent rather than having any fixed moves.