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What is Gmail?

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Gmail is an email service. It is used for sending mail from one computer to another computer.
Gmail is a free email service. Gmail provided by Google. Gmail was invented by Paul T. Buchheit, an American computer engineer, and entrepreneur.

Who is the founder of the Gmail mail services company?

Gmail Created by Paul Buchheit. The owner of Gmail is Google.

Multiple choice question on Gmail Concept.

Q.1 The first portion of your email address before the ‘@’ symbol is referred to as yours.

A.Domain name

Correct Answer: Username

Objective Question Answer on  Gmail Concept.

Q.2 In Gmail, where does the list of incoming messages appear?

A.The inbox.
B.The mailbox.
C.The outbox.

Correct Answer: The inbox.

MCQ (Quiz) on  Gmail Concept.

Q.3 Which option will send a reply to all recipients of the original message?
C.Reply all

Correct: C.Reply all

Q.4 In Gmail, messages are grouped into ______ based on the subject line.