RC Circuits Quiz

Multiple Choice question answer on RC Circuits Quiz

1. In a 20 Vac series RC circuit, if 20 V is read across the resistor and 40 V is measured across the capacitor, the applied voltage is
A. 45 Vac
B. 50 Vac
C. 60 Vac
D. 65 Vac
Answer: Option A

2.Which of the following is the reference vector for parallel RC circuits?
A. R
B. V
C. I
Answer: Option B

3. Power that is measured in volt-amperes is called
A. impedance power
B. reactive power
C. true power
D. apparent power
Answer: Option D

4. What is the phase angle for a parallel circuit consisting of a 500 kHz, 5 Vac source with a 47 pF capacitor, and a 4.7 kΩ resistor in parallel?
A. 55.3°
B. –55.3°
C. 34.8°
D. –34.8°
Answer: Option C