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Is Canara Bank a government? What is NMMB charges in Canara Bank?

  Is Canara Bank A Government? What Is NMMB Charges In Canara Bank? Metro and Urban locations – Rs.10,000. Semi-urban locations – Rs.5,000. Rural locations – Rs.2,000. Gramin locations – Rs.1,000. Charges for NMMAB. The preparations should involve a proper strategy for the recruitment exam. The exam pattern and syllabus should be considered at first […]

Who is the founder of google?

Basic Information About Google Google is a Search Engine. Google was founded in 4 September 1998. Who is the current CEO of Google? Pichai Sundararajan is the current CEO of Google. Do you know the full form of Google? Officially Google has not a full form. Generally, Google Full-Form, Stand for Global Organization of Oriented […]

RIM & JIO Full Form & SIM Full Form

Do You Know the JIO Full Form? Joint Implementation Opportunities is a Full Form of JIO. The headquarter of JIO is in the city, the capital of Maharashtra, (Mumbai)  India. Jio is an Indian mobile network company. Mukesh Ambani is the founder of JIO. 15 February 2007 JIO Company lunched by Mukesh Ambani. What is the […]

BCOM Most Important Details, Full Form, New Syllabus, Question Banks

What is B.Com? The Full form of B.Com is Bachelor of Commerce. is a 3 years undergraduate education course in the subject of Commerce. In the course, students learn about Financial Planning, Management, Accounting, and many more. After passing 12th with Commerce subject, Students are eligible for leading their career in this field. Regarding […]

Write the name of hardware and software of your mobile phone

Mobile Phone hardware consists of mobile devices or device components that receive or access mobility services. Mobile software is the actual application that runs on mobile devices. It is concerned with the features and requirements of mobile apps.   Mobile Hardware Parts Name List Battery: A battery is a physical component of a mobile phone that provides electricity to a device, allowing it to operate without the use of a power cord.         […]

Who is the writer of Ami Sri Sri bhojohori manna?

Question: Who is the writer of  Ami Sri Sri bhojohori manna? Answer: Pulak Bandyopadhyay is the writer of  Ami Sri Sri bhojohori manna. Pulak Bandyopadhyay wrote the Bengali lyrics for Ami Shri Shri Bhojo Hori Manna. Image Source:  Wikipedia (Pulak ) Pulak Bandyopadhyay was a Bengali lyricist and songwriter.   Ami Sri Sri Bhojohori Manna […]