Old Question Paper B COM I Semester FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING I

CLASS: B.COM-I SEM SUBJECT: FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING-I (Multiple Choice type Questions) Learn Online B COM I Semester FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING I MCQ Question Paper(Old Question Paper).B.Com Question Bank is prepared by B.Com College Student. 1. What is book keeping a) processing b) recording c) analysing d) interpreting 2. Which one is current assets? a) land b) furniture … Read more

B.Com 1st Semester MCQ

B.Com Semester: I Question Banks  SUBJECT:  ITAB-I  SUBJECT:  BUSINESS STATISTICS SUBJECT: FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING-I SUBJECT: BUSINESS & INDUSTRIAL ECONOMICS SUBJECT: ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT-I B.Comm is an undergraduate degree in commerce (or business) and related subjects, usually awarded in Canada, Australia, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa and other Commonwealth countries; however, the degree is no longer … Read more