Top 5 General Science Physics MCQs

We have created the top 10 General Science Physics MCQ Question and Answer for SSC, Railway. RRB Group D, SSC CHSL. General Physics Question is very important Railway Group D, StenoGrapher, and other Govts exam.

Top 5 General Science Physics Quiz, Questions: Railway, SSC & Other Govt Exam


Question 1. Henry is the unit of ________.

  1. Capacitance
  2. Inductance
  3. Magnetic flux density
  4. Frequency


  • Henry is the unit of inductance, represented with a symbol H or L.
  • Inductance, in electronics and electromagnetism, is the property of an electric conductor which causes an electromotive force to be generated with a change in the flowing current.
Capacitance Farad
Inductance Henry
Magnetic flux density Tesla
Frequency Hertz


Question 2. ____________ lens is used to solve the problem of Hypermetropia.

  1. Bifocal lens
  2. Convex lens
  3. Plane lens
  4. None of these


  • The convex lens is used to solve the problem of farsightedness or Hypermetropia, by bending the light ray which shortens the focal length and makes the light ray focus on the retina in a proper way. 
  • The convex lens is used in the camera for focusing the image and also for magnifying it.


Question 3. Shadows are not formed when a _______ object comes in the path of light.

  1. Opaque
  2. Transparent
  3. Luminous
  4. None Of these


  • A transparent object cannot form a shadow since the light will pass straight through it.
  • Shadows are formed when an opaque object comes in the path of light.
  • In order to form a shadow, the object should be translucent or opaque.
  • For example- when light falls on a tree, a shadow of the tree is formed.

Question 4. A car is moving at a uniform speed and covers 120 m in 40 seconds, What will be the speed of the car?

  1. 8 ms-¹
  2. 4 ms-¹
  3. 3 ms-¹
  4. 1  ms-¹


Speed = distance/time

Here, distance = 120 m and time = 40 s.


Speed = 120/40


Question 5. In which of the following mediums, speed of sound is maximum?

  1. Water
  2. Helium
  3. Aluminum
  4. Air


  • The speed of sound is faster in the solid medium in comparison to liquid and gaseous medium. 
  • Aluminum is solid and metal, so the speed of sound will be maximum in it. 
  • The speed of sound in Aluminum at 25 degree Celsius is 6420 ms^-1


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